31 December 2010

Bonne Année - Happy New Year 2011

Voila... its the end of the year... my last blog of the year 2010. Hope everyone has a wonderful year.

Here is comes 2011. Happy New Year 2011 everyone... or in french we say
" Bonne Année "....

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year no matter where you are..
Hopefully this coming 2011 will be a better year for all of us..... Bonne Année....

30 December 2010

Marion Cotillard

I watched INCEPTION for the first time last night on DVD. Again, a splendid job done by my favorite french actress Marion Cotillard.

Marion has won many
awards so far, but after her splendid performance in LA VIE EN ROSE ( you shoud watch this ) which she won an Academy
Award for her role, she is a big star in Hollywood now. Bravo!!!
She also acted in NINE along with Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, Kate Hudson & Fergie.

Well... here you are another french actress who made it to Hollywood. Marion speaks perfectly english with a good accent. Well she is an actress anyway.. she can fake it.... good job!!!

If you haven't watch any of her movies, go and watch it. La Vie en Rose (in french ) is brilliant to appreciate Edith Piaf. In fact, you an also find Edith Piaf song in INCEPTION.....Non.... je ne regrette rien...

24 December 2010

Joyeux Noel - Merry Christmas

Its Christmas time... its the time to reunite the family. Its the biggest celebration of the year. We can see many Christmas market in every town. The Christmas market will open until late night. We can find a lot of thing from Christmas Tree decoration, foods , presents etc. You name it!!!

Anyway... I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas or in french " Joyeux Noel"....

23 December 2010

C'est l'hiver, il fait froid - Its winter, its cold

It's is winter now in France. C'est l'hiver. Il fait froid. It's so cold. It can be difficult but its beautiful. I remember when I was in Paris. I loved it. I hated when I had to go out but it was a good experience.

Paris airport is closed due to heavy snow according to latest news. To make it worst, people is stranded at the airport. Its christmas time...

21 December 2010

TV5MONDE a cool website to learn french online!!

TV5MONDE : Apprendre le français avec Première classe
.....a cool website to learn french online. You name it, you can watch video, playing games, listen to musics etc. enjoy....

18 December 2010

Il s'appelle David Guetta. Il est français..

Oui... il est français. Il s'appelle David Pierre Guetta. Most well known as David Guetta. I am sure you have heard of his songs. You name it. He is the man!!! I am his fan for a very long time... and still I am his big fan... bravo!!!!!

03 December 2010

Bravo Alycia!!

Alycia is a cute little girl and she is a niece of a very good friend of mine, Cedric from France. Damn.. I love the video and I thought of sharing it with all of you. In french we have le and la (the articles in french). It means "the" in english. Le is masculine and La is feminine. So if have
Le Canada ( the Canada ) and La Malaisie ( The Malaysia ). If we have a country starts with a vocal nouns it would be l' . So we have L'iran ( The Iran ), L'indonesie ( The Indonesia ) etc. Somehow, there are fews countries without any article le and la. They are considered natural for example Singapore and Cuba. The is NO WAY we say Le Singapore or La Cuba.. It takes time but its never too late to learn. If Alycia can do it ... so do you... Bonne Chance!!

26 November 2010

Kah foo? Care four?? karfuh ? Carrefour?? .... whatever!!!!

Carrefour (French pronunciation: [kaʁfuʁ]) is french international hypermarket. I am sure you have been there. Voila... you can find french products etc. If they come with original packaging, the translation can be found at the back.

Some people in Malaysia pronounce it
Care Four( english style ) , ask someone nearby how to pronounce it correctly if you can't read the phonetic sign above. Kaarrghhh Fooo.... hahahhahaha... whatever...

Well at least, you know, its french. If you are in France, there are everywhere. But you know what does it mean?? Carrefour in french is a junction where one street or road crosses another.

23 November 2010

A Prophet - A must watch French Movie!!

A must watch movie.... " Un Prophète - A PROPHET"

As always I try to find as many french movies as I can. I am sure you can find many foreign movies in the market. Original copy??? hmmm... you know the answer...

If you wonder what movie to watch, consider this brilliant french movie ..
" Un Prophète - A PROPHETE " an excellent plot, a brilliant story...no wonder it was nominated for the best foreign language film at the 82 academy awards.

A film about a 19 years old french of North African descent, sentenced to 6 years in prison for attacking police officers. Alone and illiterate upon his arrival at the racially divided prison, he falls under the sway of a Corsican mafia. Between the Corsican mafia and the religious group in the prison, he himself has his own plan...

I must say this is a brilliant movie. Those in KL can find a good copy with a very good subtitle in english, so don't worry if you don't understand french, arabic or italian in the movie.

Again, if you ask me which french movie to watch now, go and watch this one!!! You'll love it!!!

19 November 2010

Malaysian Hip Hop in French, English & Malay by Altimet, Joe Flizzow and Sonaone - Who do it better

SonaOne - La nouvelle star, malaysian hip hop artist raps in french!!

Alors c'est parti... yo yo yo...I am not really a big fan of Hip Hop but I guess I can listen to it, why not?

"Who do it better" by Joe Flizzow, Altimet & Sona One. This is a new song that has been playing in the local radio now. I was driving when I first heard this song. It is in Malay, English and French.

The French Part has done by the new young Local Malaysian HIP HOP artist by name SONA ONE
( picture) . He sounds like a french bad boy a.k.a " La racaille... " ( c'est pas toi la racaille mec!! hehehe... j'adore ce que tu fais.. c'est trop cool.. bravo!!!)

I personally think this is a good in our music industry. French will still be a foreign language in Malaysia. At least, we can hear it on the local radio. Its okay if we don't understand it!! If
you do.. pourquoi pas????

14 November 2010

Chocolat ( show - co - la )

"...Excusez moi.. je voudrais un café au chocolat s'il vous plait... 

I was at the Mount Kiara the whole day today catching up with friends.  We were having coffee and a good chat.

A friend ordered a chocolate cake. So we started talking in french and among others ... the topic was on "chocolat" ( show - co - la ).

You know that in french we do not pronounce the " T " at the end.  "show-co-la " in many ways... gateâu au chocolat, café au chocolat, pain au chocolat etc. We were laughing out loud when a small boy heard our conversation and shouted "show-co-la" out of nowhere. I thought, the sound show -co-la  was interesting enough to attract others.  "Chocolat"   without "T" at the end is a  word  for chocolate... So at least if you hear someone says " show-co-la", you know what it means in french...

J'adore un chocolat noir..... 

13 November 2010

A la mode..


We are all aware that french is so well known with their mode. In fact, many french terms can be found in the world of fashionistas nowadays. Fashion faux pas, a la mode, haute couture and not forgetting of course their designer labels. We can't separate french with fashion. In my class, students are not only be exposed with language but they should also be aware of the french culture & lifestyle.

From Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more, the names will go with you everywhere you go. The question is, can we say their names correctly?

Say it right. So try your best to say it right. Not everyone can read french. It is not easy but at least you try....