19 November 2010

Malaysian Hip Hop in French, English & Malay by Altimet, Joe Flizzow and Sonaone - Who do it better

SonaOne - La nouvelle star, malaysian hip hop artist raps in french!!

Alors c'est parti... yo yo yo...I am not really a big fan of Hip Hop but I guess I can listen to it, why not?

"Who do it better" by Joe Flizzow, Altimet & Sona One. This is a new song that has been playing in the local radio now. I was driving when I first heard this song. It is in Malay, English and French.

The French Part has done by the new young Local Malaysian HIP HOP artist by name SONA ONE
( picture) . He sounds like a french bad boy a.k.a " La racaille... " ( c'est pas toi la racaille mec!! hehehe... j'adore ce que tu fais.. c'est trop cool.. bravo!!!)

I personally think this is a good in our music industry. French will still be a foreign language in Malaysia. At least, we can hear it on the local radio. Its okay if we don't understand it!! If
you do.. pourquoi pas????