03 December 2010

Bravo Alycia!!

Alycia is a cute little girl and she is a niece of a very good friend of mine, Cedric from France. Damn.. I love the video and I thought of sharing it with all of you. In french we have le and la (the articles in french). It means "the" in english. Le is masculine and La is feminine. So if have
Le Canada ( the Canada ) and La Malaisie ( The Malaysia ). If we have a country starts with a vocal nouns it would be l' . So we have L'iran ( The Iran ), L'indonesie ( The Indonesia ) etc. Somehow, there are fews countries without any article le and la. They are considered natural for example Singapore and Cuba. The is NO WAY we say Le Singapore or La Cuba.. It takes time but its never too late to learn. If Alycia can do it ... so do you... Bonne Chance!!